Aggranite Quadro Q100 Quartz Granite Sink Dual Mount

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Aggranite Quadro Q100 is a quartz granite composite sink.  The Quadro Q100 is a single bowl sink that is designed to fit into smaller spaces such as a secondary kitchen sink, laundry room or utility room.  This is a dual mount sink which means it can be installed as either a top mount or an undermount sink.  The Quadro Q100 has overall measurements of (LxWxD): 21 2/3″x16 15/16″x7 7/8″.

Aggranite quartz granite composite sinks are made in Germany.  The naturally hard quartz sand from this region is the primary ingredient in these sinks’ composition, making up nearly 75% of the finished product.  It plays an integral role in the durability of the material and the smooth finish of each sink.

Aggranite quartz granite composite sinks are dirt repellent, odor free, heat resistant, food safe, impact resistant, fade resistant, easy to clean and made to last.

Additional information

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 21.65 × 16.93 × 7.87 in

Bigio, Concrete, Gunsmoke, Obsidian, Valley Snow, White


Bowl Type

Single Bowl

Mounting Type


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a top/dual mount sink and an undermount sink?

Top/dual mount sinks can be installed as top mount sinks or undermount sinks. Top mount sinks will have an exposed rim that sits on top of the counter while undermount sinks are mounted below the counter with no exposed rim.

Do you sell grids for the Aggranite Q100 sink?

No, unfortunately we do not sell grids for this sink.