Aggranite Madis M200 Quartz Granite 50/50 Sink Dual Mount

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Aggranite Quartz Granite sinks are made in Germany. The quartz sand from this region is the hardest constituent of granite and makes up 75% of the material used in Aggranite sinks. Which means that it plays the leading role in producing our durable, robust and multifaceted Aggranite Sinks.

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Cappucino Espresso, Concrete, Obsidian, White


Bowl Type

Double Bowl

Mounting Type

Dual Mount

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell grids for the Aggranite M200 sink?

Answer: No, unfortunately the M200 model does not have accompanying grids.

What is the best way to clean quartz granite composite sinks?

Answer: For frequent, daily cleaning use a soft scouring pad with warm dish soap. This does a great job removing greasy residue as well as bacteria. For a deeper clean you can use products such as CLR or Lime Away to remove hard water stains. Do not use straight bleach on Aggranite quartz granite composite sinks.