Aggranite Gemo M100 Quartz Granite Sink Dual Mount

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Aggranite Quartz Granite sinks are made in Germany. The quartz sand from this region is the hardest constituent of granite and makes up 75% of the material used in Aggranite sinks. Which means that it plays the leading role in producing our durable, robust and multifaceted Aggranite Sinks.

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Cappucino Espresso


Bowl Type

Double Bowl

Mounting Type

Dual Mount

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a top/dual mount sink and an undermount sink?

Answer: Top/dual mount sinks can be installed as top mount sinks or undermount sinks. Top mount sinks will have an exposed rim that sits on top of the counter while undermount sinks are mounted below the counter with no exposed rim.

Do utility products such as bleach and household cleansers harm Aggranite sinks?

Answer: Aggranite quartz granite composite sinks are tough and durable and have non-porous surfaces which means they resist bacterial penetration and growth. However, like any other surface, if a harsh chemical such as bleach makes contact with the sink and is not wiped away, over time it can cause discoloration and damage the resin in the sink. Aggranite sinks can withstand any household cleanser but the surface needs to be thoroughly washed and cleaned right away to avoid potential damage.